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Join us for the region's premier bull auction on our 2,000-acre ranch in Boswell, OK

Saturday, February 15, 2020
Our annual barbeque starts at 11 AM and the sale starts at 1 PM.

We greatly appreciate the support of everyone involved. Please let us know if we can help with any questions in the future.

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The Best Bulls for Turn Out

The CCLC development program focuses on the bull’s performance on your ranch, not just their appearance at auction.

Not Overfed

100% forage fed means your bulls won't have fat that hides flaws and won’t melt when you turn them out.

Service Ready

Our bulls are well exercised, even-tempered, are not pampered, and are accustomed to horses, trucks, and 4-wheelers.


A grass-only diet promotes proper foot and leg development that will make our bulls perform for the long run.

Bull Development & Temperament
Bull Genetics

Genetics to improve your herd for years to come

CCLC was founded with proven genetics from Ratcliff Ranch and Gardiner Ranch. Over the past years, we have continually diversified our genetics. Schiefelbein Effective 61, who has proven to be one of the greats of the Angus breed was introduced to our stock and we are proud to announce our latest outcross Hooks Eagle.

We have been searching for a moderate framed bull with tremendous growth characteristics and great EPDs from a proven cow family that was slick haired to fit the southern environment. After three years of searching, we found a bull that met our criteria for what we see the industry needs, specifically in our region.

While all of our bulls are Angus GS/GGPLD tested, these are just table stakes. CCLC is looking out for your herd for years to come by searching the country for the best outcross genetics to diversify our bulls.

Ranching is our passion. Bulls are our business.

The CCLC team is made up of ranchers who have made the cattle industry the center of our lives. We have studied bull genetics and development in universities and on the ranch. We have operated ranches that marketed 400 bulls and maintained over 4,000 purebred and commercial cows every year. We have owned and operated a feedlot that was the first Certified Angus Beef licensed feedlot to reach Certified Angus Beef’s 30-06 programs goals.

CCLC represents our passion for creating one of the nation’s most genetically optimized herds, with cattle developed to perform on the ranch.